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July 11, 2018

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Show Notes

6:00  Frank Caliendo Voice Impersonator School
6:06  World Cup update
6:08  Umtitty Bop
6:21  Car detailing
6:22  CHeer up the lonely day
6:23  National Slurpee day
6:24  Listener email
6:26  Aruba Ray makes an appearance
6:28  Tittie Twister
6:31  World cup US viewership
6:33  Kermit Washington in money trouble
6:36  IT 2 is in production
6:36  She-It
6:49  Listening to a goal in another country
6:53  The English are all in for the cup
6:54  Back to the goal
7:00  Pat Godwin joins us in studio
7:07  Ace has a fun fact about french fries
7:09  The running of the bulls
7:12  Chick tissue in the nose
7:22  Donnie Baker calls in about Travis Pastrana
7:27  Drinking while stopping
7:29  Pat’s song about this story – Drinking and Driving
7:31  Auggie Smith – DRIVING MY DAD
7:34  Back to the story
7:38  Redoing a song for Pat
7:49  Pat and his kid
7:50  Pat’s new song – I’m Singing
7:52  Floyd calls into the studio
7:53  Talking about the lovers and carbon dioxide story
8:00  Jessica Alsman Joins Us In Studio
8:05  Josh and Jess are backdoor buddies
8:08  Back to the goal scored
8:12  Woman puts a ring in chocolate egg in her Momma parts
8:25  Back to the ring egg story
8:26  Grandpa records self instead of wedding
8:29  Jess and the bell
8:32  Pat’s song from yesterday – Whatever Happened
8:35  Rock n’ Roll is bad for animals
8:46  From Chick to scooter
8:47  Electric scooters a nuisance?
8:52  Boat towing issue
8:54  Josh kisses Tom
8:54  Motion sickness glasses
9:05  Back to Willie
9:06  Never smoke weed with Willie again
9:21  Woman swimming with sharks gets bit
9:24  Croc found after 8 years
9:26  Python and an external hard drive
9:27 Coshetz
9:30  Caught bears breaking into a home
9:31  Southwest is ditching peanuts
9:33  First pilotless transcontinental flight
9:35  Mexican police getting slingshots
9:37  Mr. Obvious – The Deck
9:49  Grainger Things We Learned