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July 10, 2018

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Show Notes

6:00  I’ll Never smoke weed with Willie again
6:03  Ace’s golf shirt
6:08  World Cup update
6:22  Ace’s outfit
6:23  LeBron officially signs with the Lakers
6:24  Last week’s news?
6:25  LeBron’s move affecting betting and Twitter
6:25  Wimbelton news
6:27  Jaguars new owner
6:27  World Cup update
6:29  Josh wants to know why we dropped the ball
6:30  The Morning Breath Club
6:32  Mother’s ashes spilled at TSA
6:35  The issues of traveling with medicine
6:37  Clooney in a motorcycle wreck
6:37  App store turns 10
6:38  Evil records beaten
6:50  Clooney involved in a wreck
6:52  First church of Cannibas
7:04  Giants lineman ash issue
7:06  TSA apologized
7:07  Frequent dead actor is retiring
7:08  Lighting cigarette with burning car
7:09  Tom’s favorite Bond
7:10  Parasite in veggies
7:20  Pat Godwin Joins Us In Studio
7:21  James Bond Talk
7:22  Heywood Banks – Dead Guys
7:24  Donnie Baker Calls In about woman who had drugs in vagina
7:29  Pat Godwin – Where The Sheets Have No Stains
7:31  Sexy Things To Do With Your Phone
7:36  Sex timer
7:38  Multiple rings for multiple people
7:40  Josh’s impression of Chick in a nursing home (IG?)
7:49  Women wearing the wrong bra
7:51  Kenny Tarmac calls in about traveling phone tricks
7:53  Partners in a speedo
8:04  Meatloaf is touring… kinda
8:07  Dancing on the ceiling
8:08  Learning about Leon Redbone
8:10  Pat’s new song
8:23  Miniature golf
8:23  Thai soccer team rescued
8:26  Tom has a question for Ace about the Raiders
8:29  Black bear at a Walmart
8:31  The bear video guy calls in
8:33  Florida alligator in a Wawa
8:35  Listening to Wawa
8:37  12,000 piece jigsaw puzzle from the United Emirates
8:49  Pat’s Pawn experience
8:51  Down at the Pawn Shop
9:05  App store turns 10
9:07  Tom’s apps
9:08  Bagels vs donuts
9:12  IHOB was just a publicity stunt
9:21  Alli Breen calls in
9:26  Letters
9:36  Aruba Ray’s
9:37  Josh’s parody of Pat’s parody
9:48  Cocaine found floating near Pensacola
9:49  Mason Ramsey is having an album come out
9:50  Things we learned