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July 6, 2018

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Show Notes

6:00  Beer Run
6:04  Kristi napped in the car
6:09  Short verson of ina gadda da vida
6:10  Chaz does the drum solo to ina gadda da vida on his throat
6:20  Ace brought ice
6:23  Wimbledon updates
6:24  Hooked on a feeling
6:25  Chick’s ex and snakes
6:29  Tom has an underwater motor
6:32  Josh has a new home story
6:33  Death in a home
6:34  Josh’s story
6:36  Josh wants a diner kitchen
6:38  The station mascot
6:39  Tom’s high jump champion
6:50  Tom was right about bananas?
6:52  World Record of a dog jumping over human’s leg
7:05  Back to the world record dog story
7:06  Chick’s World Records
7:09  Broken toilet seats
7:10  John Fox The Parrot
7:20  Jordan Rock joins us in studio
7:21  Talking to Jordan about vinyl
7:24  Man upset with cold food calls 911
7:26  Donnie calls in about the food guy
7:30  Jordan doesn’t like delivery services
7:32  Popcorn with chopsticks
7:35  Growing your own food
7:36  The fish pedicure story
7:38   Kristi is becoming Tom
7:47  Poachers eaten by lion
7:49  Egg hierarchy
7:53  The most cloned dog
8:04  Jordan on dogs
8:06  Jeffery the giraffe offered a new job
8:09  Jumbo calls in about Jeffery the giraffe and the poachers
8:21  Uranus experienced a large impact
8:22  Jogger claims to not be involved in a wreck
8:26  Truck driver ends up on beach
8:27  Taxi service offering free rides for those that sing
8:29  Flying cars
8:31  Frix the cat
8:34  Iran clouds are getting stolen
8:36  Do other countries have snowmen?
8:36  Mother names daughter Reese E. Cup
8:39  Candy Bar hierarchy
8:49  Dick Hitswater calls in
9:06  RnR Hall of Fame Home Movies
9:08  Crazy Man Cave
9:11  Mr, Beer gets DUI
9:21  Statue of Liberty Stamp Screw Up
9:26  B&T Tool of the Week
9:31  NAPA Tool of the Week
9:32  Mr. Obvious – The Noise
9:37  Bear in a Subaru
9:51  Things We Learned