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July 5, 2018

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Show Notes

6:00   SID & BART – 4th of JULY FIREWORKS
6:05  Josh might not remember his own act
6:07  Everyone’s 4th
6:10  The odor test
6:11  World Cup lineup, Wimbledon update6:22  So angry you slammed a door
6:24  Wimbledon update
6:26  One name athletes
6:27  World Cup rankings
6:28  Tried to burn LeBron Jersey, burns self
6:29  Joey Chestnut breaks own record
6:31  Joey casually eating is funny
6:34  What did we cookout?
6:37  Fake Super Bowl Rings
6:39  Did Kristi take a lover for the 4th?
6:50  Chick’s Bane impersonation
6:51  What is a roman helmet?
6:51  Listener email
6:53  Josh’s Ice issues
7:04  Tom’s dream show
7:06  Women in the Barbershop Quartet hall of fame
7:07  National Bikini day
7:07  Donnie calls in about his 4th
7:11  Tom at the pool
7:20  Ryan Singer Joins Us In Studio
7:22  Ryan without a beard
7:24  Samsung is sending photos on its own
7:25  Nuthuggers
7:27  Ryan on phones
7:31  Josh’s hierarchy of nuts
7:32  Sperm diets?
7:34  Do you eat the baked potato skin?
7:39  The Peanut family
7:48  Tom is trying to spoil moods
7:50  Tom likes things precut and premade
7:51  Tom busting a nut
7:55  The nut mobile
8:00  Jess Alsman joins us in studio
8:05  Josh’s new home
8:06  Hipsters and monocles
8:07  The Nut mobile and Weiner mobile
8:08  First Mr. Peanut voice
8:12  NAPA
8:20  The peanut mobile is still out there
8:21  Other mobiles
8:22  Buying the banana mobiles
8:22  Babe Ruth calls in
8:24  Nuttin-Raisin
8:26  Visiting old houses
8:29  Woman loses toenails after a fish pedicure
8:32  Chick’s pedicures
8:33  Ryan was an employee of the month
8:34  Chick’s hierarchy of free bread
8:36  Restaurants cracking down on free bread
8:37  The competitive eating circuits
8:48  Ryan is a single man
8:49  Ryan and solo camping
8:51  Ryan Singer is a minimalist
9:04  Grandma wearing Panama flag thinking it was US flag
9:05  The song Panama
9:06  Gang makes fun of stupid Panama shirt story
9:12  The Smell Good Device
9:23  Ryan’s new album
9:25  Popcorn eating and chopstick eating
9:26  Al Jackson calls in
9:27  Al on popcorn
9:29  Tom’s “Soda water”
9:32  Interstate travel with marijuana
9:34  Al’s quiz for Tom
9:38  Word up
9:48  Tom’s favorite scene in cinematic history
9:51  Things we learned